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DJI Enterprise Dealer

We are the autorized DJI Enterprise in Thailand, who provide the industrial-grade drones for enterprise sectors.

Aerial Enterprise Services & Consultant

We provide consulting services to serve the public and private organizations using the sky technology.

Aerial Image Analysis Platform

We are ready to custom built your idea platform from aerial captured image.

Learn How To Smart Farming with Aerial Imaging

Aerial data enables farmers to optimize inputs, react quicker to threats, validate prescriptions, and rapidly scout plots.

Crop Consulting | Irrigation Management | Crop Inspection | Spraying

Conduct Safe and Efficient Inspections

Drone business platforms visualize firms’ various remote energy assets in real-time for rapid maintenance scheduling while increasing work safety and efficiency for inspectors.

Solar | Wind | Oil & Gas | Power Lines | Nuclear

Save Lives with Improved Situational Awareness

Aerial data enables farmers to optimize inputs, react quicker to threats, validate prescriptions, and rapidly scout plots.

Search & Rescue | Firefighting | Disaster Response | Law Enforcement

Tell Stories from a New Perspective

Portable drone platforms empower journalists, cinematographers, vloggers and more, to capture unique, engaging content from anywhere in the world.

Journalism | Cinematography | Wedding Photography

Visualize Extensive Asset Networks

Imagine projects in a variety of formats to ensure the development is going as planned, identify areas of concern to be addressed and prevent problems before they happen.

Transportation Networks | Mining | Surveying

Improve Project Management with Regular Data

Keep track of site progress through consistent site mapping, enabling teams to manage better complex construction projects involving numerous sub-contractors.

Real Estate Marketing | Site Mapping | Building Inspection

The best delivery

The best delivery solution is coming to town.

Food&Beverage | Medical | Document&Package

Illuminate the Night

With the night sky as a stage and landmarks being the backdrop, multiple smart control-based drones demonstrate and transform their formation to display diversified messages and images in specific airspace, presenting a magnificent piece of work that is tailormade based on different branding or advertising requirements.


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About SKY11

Company Profile

Sky-11 Limited is the professional drone solution provider. Its primary target markets include the government's agencies and enterprises, argricutural farms,construction, infrastructure contractors, and surveyors. For training courses, it has qualified drone pilots and engineers with online and field courses through the cooperations with the training facility in Australia, China and the United States. For the practise field, Sky11 has a local partner who owns the free flying zone.


Our vision is to provide the most professional aerial service solution to customers.