Aerial Product & Service

Enterprise Drone Dealer

Autorized enterprise drone dealer

Aerial Drone Service & Consultation

Provide consulting services for organizations looking to use the aerial technology

Aerial Image Analytic

Provide image analytical and model generating platform for Solarcell, Canal, Forest, Mapping, and Construction sites

Training & Workshop

Provide training coursework, virtual, and physical experience for pilots, mechanics, and software developers

Develop Educational

We are open to collaborate with any institution for the better of Thailand educational & research development

Partnership Program

We are open for partnership both micro and macro distributors & system integrator (SI)

Aqua Product & Service

Chasing Dealer

Autorized Chasing underwater drone dealer

Underwater Drone Service & Consultation

Provide consulting services for organizations looking to use the underwater technology

Professional Experience

Oil & Gas Inspection

Detected leakage oil & gas

2D & 3D Survey Mapping

Explored and generated 2D & 3D maps including buildings

Roof Survey

Inspected problems on roofs

Solar Inspection

Inspected solar cell problems on the site

Media Event

Grand opening of the event


Protected terrorist attack using drones

3D Engineering

Surveyed with a drone then created actual factory 3D model

Farm Spraying

Rice farm spraying

Plant Counting & Forecast

Estimated yield of crop & forecasted growth


On the news with THAI Prime Minister

In digital big bang 2018, Sky11 team had chanced to talk about the drone usages with the Thailand prime minister.

Panel Discussion

Our CMO and CFO had publicly spoken about how drones would change the way we worked in the fields, and the professional pilot standard required internationally.

Visited DJI HQ with DE Ministry of THAILAND

Brought the ministry of digital economy and social group to visit our partner, DJI, in Shenzhen.